Sickle cell anemia; diseases associated with sickle cell anemia and how to treat them

There are diseases that are associated with sickle cell anemia. These diseases make the person fall sick always if not attended to early and sometimes it might be fatal. On this blog post, I am educating you on how to treat some of this diseases. Diseases like anemia, crises, swelling hands and feet, infections and delayed growth.

1 Anemia. One reason sickle cell anemia sufferers always look anemic is that most of their red blood cells are sickled and have a very short lifespan. Their lifespan is shorter than the normal red blood cell lifespan And because these sickled red blood cells die early the body is let with less amount of red blood. And since the body is left with less amount of red blood cells the sufferer becomes anemic. 
To treat anemia associated with sickle cell diseases, you need to consume a lot of fruits and vegetables, hydrate yourself with enough water and eat foods rich in folic acids or take folic acid supplements as prescribed by your doctor or healthcare provider. 
If the anemia is severe the person should be taken to the hospital for blood transfusion and proper treatment.

2 Episodes of pain. Another disease associated with sickle cell anemia is crises. This Periodic episode of pain called Crises occur when the red blood cells that are sickled in shape blocked the tiny blood vessels in the body from transporting blood and oxygen from the heart to another part of the body. Crises can be treated with pain reliever drugs  and these drugs should be taken as prescribed by your doctor. Severe pains can only be treated in the hospital with infusion, blood transfusion combined with drugs. 
The best way to avoid crises in the life of any person suffering from sickle cell disease is to hydrate that person always. Always keep yourself warm when there is cold and keep yourself hydrated when there is heat. Also stay away from foods and drinks like soda and other bicarbonate drinks, cold water etc. To also avoid crises, hydrate yourself immediately you are treated from malaria or any other disease.
3 Painful swelling of feet and hands; The swelling is very painful and last for days and sometimes weeks. These painful swelling are caused by sickled red blood cells blocking blood in the vessels from flowing to the hands and feet. These painful swellings can be treated by messengering the affected part of the body with some pain reliever balm ( Aboliki in Nigeria). It can also be treated with drugs as prescribed by the doctor. 

4 Frequent infections. Because their immune system is low, people living with Sickle cells anemia are vulnerable to diseases. There is an organ in the body called spleen that helps the body to fight diseases if the organ is damage due to lack of oxygen the person is bound to fall sick aways. The best way to handle this is to give the person some vaccinations That will be helpful to that person. The person should drink water always to help the body transport oxygen and nutrients throughout the body and flush out all the dead red blood cells in the blood vessels.

5 Delayed growth. Without nutrient,s the body will not function well and there will be growth delayed. It is the responsibility of the Red blood cells to provide the body with the right nutrients and since the body is lacking in a healthy red blood cell, there is bound to be delayed in growth. To handle this problem the person suffering from sickle cell anemia should eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Especially the fruits and vegetables that contain zinc.

People living with sickle cell anemia are advice to eat more. They should eat more that the normal three times a day. As you can see the problem of the persons living with the disease is having enough normal red blood cells that will help the body to function well. But when you eat enough quality foods i mean balance diets, your body will be well and the Person will live a normal life.