Millions of persons around the world have diabetes and over 25% percent of these persons don’t even know they have diabetes. Some have pre-diabetes which is high blood sugar, but it is not high enough to be diagnosed as type 2 diabetes and it might becomes diabetes if not treated. Diabetes goes with different kinds of health complications like stroke, heart diseases, ulcer etc. I will advice you worry less because there are ways this disease can be avoided. You can avoid it by eat foods rich in fiber, use spices instead of sodium, chose brow rice over white rice and Exercise always. 
Best ways to avoid diabetes. 

One of the best ways to avoid diabetes, is to consume more fiber than you are currently consuming. Nutrition experts always recommend that people living with diabetes should eat more than 40 grams of fiber per day. By my own findings, people don't even eat more than 10 grams a day. Consuming more fiber will help you manage diabetes to a very healthy level. Fiber help the body reduce blood sugar because it had little or no sugar in it. Fiber also help reduce blood sugar cursed by eating other type of food rich in sugar. It dose this by stoping the the sugar from been digested and sent in the blood stream. Beans, brown rice, fruits and vegetables are good source of fiber. Fiber help the body to also fight blood fat.

As a diabetic person it is better to sprinkle spice than to eat more of sodium enrich foods. Consuming more sodium can curse high blood pressure which can also increase your chances of becoming diabetic. Spices not only help the body reduce blood sugar, it also have the ability to help the body produce or boost insulin production. Some spices are very rich source of antioxidants which help the body fight against tissue damage and blood clots. So consuming more spices instead of sodium will be a good health decision to take after going through this blogpost.

One good way to avoid and prevent diabetes is to eat whole grains or whole wheat because they contain more fiber than the other polished or processed grain or wheat. Studies have it that consuming whole grain reduces a persons chances of have diabetes by over 50 percent (50%). Processed or polished foods are the main culprit for heart diseases, stroke, tissue damage and even high blood sugar or diabetes.

4 Exercise, best way to avoid diabetes; A person is said to be diabetic when he or she have too much sugar in his or her body system. When you exercise your body uses more blood sugar than it uses when the body is not active. And the body gets this extra sugar from the blood sugar in body system.That will in-turn reduce the amount of blood sugar in the body system. And thus reduce the persons changes of becoming a diabetic person.


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