Home Remedies for Breast Cancer

There are home remedies for breast cancer. Home remedies like the type of food we eat, foods like garlic, vitamin D, calcium, green tea, soybeans, grapes, broccoli., our lifestyle and the amount of information we have about breast cancer. Before we talk about these home remedies, let me share with you some information on breast cancer, the possible causes, type of breast cancer and even the symptoms. Breast cancer is the malignant growth of tissues and cells of the breast. There are different risk factors or causes of breast cancer. Breast cancer can because by old age, giving birth to the first child at old age, over-consumption of beverages and alcohol, radiation therapy of the breast and other unknown risk factors.
The type of breast cancer can be divided into three. The lobular breast cancer is when cancer starts in the lobe while the ductal type of breast of cancer that begins in the ducts. And the inflammatory breast cancer is a rare but aggressive type of breast cancer that begins when malignant cells block the lymph vessels in the skin of the breast. Breast cancer can be easily treated if the symptoms are discovered early. Some of these symptoms include swelling of the part of the affected breast, lump in the underarm close to the breast, increase heat coming out of the breast, painful nipples, the effect breast nipples turning inward and some form of discharge from the affected breast.
Some of these home remedies recommended on this blog page are not curative but they can help boost the immune system while the body will cause the body to kill the cancerous cells and tissues.
Garlic: This wonderful vegetable is a great antibiotic because of its antibiotic properties. Consuming garlic in raw or powdered form can also help the body fight and keep those cancerous cells and tissues in check because it contains some compounds called alkyl sulfur. These compounds help the body fight cancer by causing the malignant tissues and cell to die naturally. To get the best out of garlic for the treatment of breast cancer it should not be eating cooked. Because cooking it can destroy some of the important element in it that help it fight breast cancer.
Grapes: This orange-like fruit is a good source of a compound called proanthocyanidins. This compound called proanthocyanidins has the power to reduce the amount of estrogen production by the body. Consuming grapes every day can help some drugs used in the treatment of breast cancer to be effective.
Green tea: This natural tea has anti-inflammatory properties. Consuming it every day will help your body to fight against the formation of breast cancer or any other cancer.
Soybean: if you are like me who don’t like the taste and smell of soybean, you better change your thinking because this wonderful grain is among the best food that can really have an effect and stop the growth of those cancerous cells and also stop them from using estrogen. Soybean can archive this because of the presence of phytoestrogen in it. What really makes this food worth consuming is it contains isoflavones. This compound has the ability to prevent breast cancer at an early stage.
Exercise: expert says that exercising one or two hours a day can help reduce the risk of breast cancer or any form of cancer.


Are You Diabetic? The foods you eat will go a long way to help you to treat and reverse it. On this blog post, I will be talking about the type of food you should eat to help you reverse diabetics, especially as a Nigerian. The biggest problem with living with diabetics is selecting the type of food to eat. The following foods that can easily be found in Nigeria are good and helpful if you are living with diabetics.
List of foods to treat and reverse diabetics.

1. Whole grains:
Meals made from whole grains like rice, corn and other grain is good for you if you have or living with diabetics.  Avoid refined grains that are refined into white flours. White flour is not good for you because of its starchy nature. It is also very high in sugar molecules. Other whole grains that you can prepare your meals from are millet and farrow.

2. Beans and legumes:

Beans and legumes are very low in glucose. so they cannot cause your sugar level to go up even if you consume them always. They also provide the body with the needed fiber and protein and they are also very rich in vital vitamins. They are more delicious when you add with other meals before eating.

3. Vegetables:

There are starchy and non-starchy vegetables. The starchy vegetables are pumpkin, potatoes, and corn. If you want to reverse and treat your diabetics you must take these starchy vegetables with moderation. There are other non-starchy vegetables that you can eat a plate full without having your sugar level going up. Some of these non-starchy vegetables like mushroom, cucumber, and greens can be sourced cheaply in any market in Nigeria.

4. Fruits:

Like vegetables, there are fruits that also contain starch and if not consumed moderately, they can cause your sugar level to go up. I am talking about sweet fruits like melons, pineapples, Thomas, and apples. You will enjoy them and they can help you reverse and treat your diabetics if you take them in moderation. They can also help provide the body with the needed nutrient for proper functioning.

5. Plantain:
plantain is a good source of energy .but it contains very little starch in it. Eating plantain will reverse your diabetic because of its high vitamin and mineral content. It is high I vitamin c, b, a and some minerals like iron, magnesium, and phosphorous. Plantain is also very rich in fiber.

6. protein:
protein help repair warns out tissues in the body. For proper and quick heal of damage cells and tissues your protein to help reverse your diabetics. I will recommend  Plant proteins for you. I mean protein gotten from nuts and beans. Other sources of protein for people living with diabetics are seafood and poultry meat.

I will like to end this post by pleading with you to stay away from refined sugar and soft drinks if you want to reverse your diabetic. Sweeteners are also not healthy for you to consume


High blood pressure is deadly if not treated with the right kind of food and medication. Sometimes it is difficult to control hypertension with medications but if you avoid some certain food and also include some type of food in your diet, it will be easy to control it. Pre-hypertension [a condition when your BP is little high than normal] is treatable when you take the right medication and eat the right food that contains low-fat {good fat } like avocado pear, lean protein, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Blood pressure can be well managed and even treated if you take your medications and always check your food habit.

Foods you must avoid if you have high blood pressure
1.Fast Foods: “As the saying goes, fast food fast dead”. If you have high blood pressure you must stay away from fast foods. The reasons are that these processed foods have high amount of salt that was added to it while processing it. The salt and sugar can increase your blood pressure.

2. Fats: fatty foods like red meat and fried foods can also increase your high blood pressure. To successfully treat your hypertension, you must avoid these bad fats and replace them in your diet with good fats [white meat or avocado pear]. Bad Fats causes plaques in the arteries making it difficult for blood to pass through the arteries and veins thus high blood pressure.

3. Canned foods: canned foods should be avoided if you have high blood pressure. The salt in preserving and making it taste is not good for your cardiovascular health. The added salt is the problem it increases your blood pressure. If you are taking your medications to treat high blood pressure and you are still consuming canned foods, you will not get the needed result health wise.

4. Coffee: coffee is sweet and likes it a lot and even as I write with my laptop right now, a cup of coffee is beside me. I take it always. But if you have hypertension, avoid it. I will advise you don’t take more than 2 times in a day. Coffee contains some compounds that can increase your blood pressure.

6. Alcohol: Alcohol intake can increase your blood pressure if you take too much of it. Avoid it if you are treating blood pressure. Other complications like kidney failure, diabetics, stroke and heart failure can be linked alcohol intake.

7. Bread: The high content of sodium in bread, make harmful to persons living with high blood pressure. If you consume bread once in a while like once or twice in a week, is not too bad but if you take it daily bases, it means you are taking into your system too much sodium that will cause an increase in your blood pressure.

Best Cure for Obesity

Obesity is an excess of body fat. Today all over the world obesity is the raining disease. And it goes with different kind of diseases and health complications like cancer, hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases, sleeping disorder and many more  diseases that i will not have enough spaces to mention here on this page.  In fact obesity can shorten your life span. I also want to say that where you have the excess fat in the body is very important to your health. If you have it around your waist line, you are more likely to have obesity related health issues than some persons that have the excess fat in there legs, hands or belly.  I want to reveal to you that there is cure for obesity. But before then how do you know if  you are obese.    
To know that you are obese is sometimes difficult. You might have huge body mass and yet you are not having obesity. To know if you are having obesity you have to calculate your body mass index(BMI).   
Your body mass index is said to be correct  if it is base on your hight and your weight.
If your BMI is below 18 you are under weight. If it is between 18 and 25 it said to be healthy.  if it is between 25 and 29 you are over weight. You are said to be obese if it is between 30 and 39 . Morbidly obesity is when it is above 40. To get this calculation you must multiply your weight in pounds by 703 and divide the answer by your height in inches. You then divide the answer again in inches  to arrive at the right answer. 
Before you known the cure for obesity you need to know what causes it. There are different causes of obesity. Genetic factor, lifestyle, diseases and even pregnancy can cause obesity. 
Best cure for obesity. I will always recommend the natural ways because they don't come with complications.
1 Reducing the amount of calories you consume: If you reduce the amount of fats, carbohydrate and protein you consume daily, gradually you weight will come down. It is not easy but with determination it is possible. Gradually Change your diet to vegetables and fruits. And if you must consume fats let it be polyunsaturated and  monounsaturated fats ( fats in avocado pear).
2 exercise:  Intensive exercise is not advisable . Start it gradually and then take it to the next level. You can even start by climbing the stair case  up and down or taking a walk every day for say 30 mins. every day. The best cure for obesity is exercising but you have to be determine to go through it.  And  before you engage in any intensive exercise, please see your doctor or health care provider for advise.
3 Surgery:  surgery might be consider if all attempt  to lose weight fails or if the obesity is cause by some know medical conditions. There are different type of surgery in curing obesity. 
1 Gastroplasty, it can also be call stomach stapling.
2, laparoscopic
3 Gastric bypass. 
You can cure obesity with surgery and it is good but i will advise you get an expert in that field to help you with the surgery because complications from these surgery can be fatal sometimes

Sickle cell anemia; 3 type of foods that will keep you healthy.

Sickle cell anemia is an inherited disease that causes your body to produce red blood cells that are sickle in shape. These red blood cells carry little or no oxygen. Since it is the responsibility of the red blood cells to transport oxygen throughout the body and the person with sickle cell disorder has red blood cells that are sickle and has little or no oxygen then there will be health challenges in the body. Health challenges like anemia, because of the low red blood cells. 
Crisis, because of low oxygen in these red blood cells and the sickle shape of the cells make it difficult for these cells to pass through the blood vessels. Issues with  Low immunity.
Now that you know what the problem is, what are you going to do. Very simple help your body produce more healthy red blood cell and also help the circulative system supply the oxygen the body needs to function. And to do this is not hard. 
I have always been advising those living with this condition that you are the best doctor to yourself. If you take good care of your body, your body will take good care of you.  And God has use nature to provide us all that we need to take care of our self.
3 foods that can help you stay healthy even as you are living with sickle cell anemia. 

Omega 3: This food is found mostly in fishes and walnut. It is also in supplement form. You can buy it from herb shops anywhere in the world. It helps the body as oxidants and also helps to tiny the blood making it possible for it to pass through the blood vessels. It can help the body remove the bad cholesterol from the body making it possible for the blood vessels to perform its function of transporting oxygen throughout the body without any blockage. 
Omega3 acid oil can also help a person with sickle cell anemia in the following ways 
1, inflammation, omega 3 acid is anti-inflammatory food. Because of its anti-inflammatory nature, it can help reduce, prevent and relieve painful crisis.   
2, it can also help a person living with sickle cell anemia, because of its ability to repair the endothelial cells in the blood vessels.  Especially in the endothelial cells in the vital organs in the body. This will make it easy for the blood vessels to supply blood and oxygen to the body. 

Liquid Chlorophyll: this wonder liquid is rich in magnesium, copper, iron, protein, potassium, sodium, calcium, vitamin E, lithium, phosphorus, zinc and other nutrients that are also very important to the body.
Chlorophyll helps the body to produce more quality red blood cells and thus improve the circulation of oxygen all over the body. 
It contains a little amount of iron but it is not enough to worry over as a person living with sickle cell. Unlike blood, magnesium has replaced iron in chlorophyll. Like omega 3 acid liquid chlorophyll also contain anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help the person living with the sickle cell anemia fight painful crisis. It can also be in supplement form. 

Avocado pear:  Avocado pear contain all the properties the other two foods contain. Which means it can also help the person living with sickle cell anemia just like the other two foods.  http://yourhealthandmy.blogspot.com.ng/2016/11/health-benefits-of-avocado-pear_30.html?m=1  The iron content in avocado pear is not a problem for you at all if you are living with sickle cell anemia. An average avocado pear contains about 0.6  milligrams and you need to have consumed over 8 milligrams for men and over 18 milligrams a day for women before you are said to have overload your system with iron.
I want to end this article by telling you that living with sickle cell is not the end of your life. You can live healthily and archive whatever you want in life. Don't let stigma stop you. All I am saying is that you can have sickle cell and sickle cell not having you.   

Sickle cell anemia: How to Increase your hemoglobin

The genesis of all the complications and crisis associated with sickle cell

anemia  is low hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a protein that is found in red blood cell. It helps the body transfer all the oxygen it needs to function. People living with sickle cell have less red blood cells; meaning they also have less hemoglobin. The next question is should be how can persons living with sickle cell disorder increase their hemoglobin? 

 One of the first things that patients with sickle cell want to know is how they can increase their hemoglobin.

Here are some natural ways to increase your red blood cells and hemoglobin count.

Green Vegetables: Green vegetables are loaded with folate, which helps the body to produce red blood cells. And they are also loaded with different vitamins and minerals that help the body produce red blood cell and hemoglobin. Apart from helping the body produce red blood cell they are also beneficial to the body. Why I always recommend green vegetables is that they are very low in iron which is not too good for people living with sickle cells.Complications arising from Iron overload can be sometimes fatal. 

 Chlorophyll, the liquid form:  whatever you have in the dark green vegetable is also in liquid chlorophyll it will be good if you take it every day. I add it to my natural homemade fruit juice. It is hemoglobin itself. It possesses all the molecular in hemoglobin. It is like taking into your system the rough hemoglobin. If you are the type that find it difficult to eat green vegetables, you can go for   Liquid chlorophyll. 

Almond Milk: Almond milk help to increase hemoglobin and also help the body create new blood cells. it helps some vital organs in the body to function well. Organs like the heart, brain, liver and even the nerves. This is the kind of milk that I will recommend for you as a person living with sickle cell disorder because of its no fat nature unlike cow milk or other animal milk that have high fat. 

Vitamin B-12: if you are living with sickle cell and you want to live a healthy life and increase your hemoglobin count, you must add vitamin B-12 to you diets or you must eat foods that contain vitamin-12. Foods like beef, eggs, and liver.I prefer the supplement form because it contains no iron. Vitamin B-12 blend well with folate in the body to produce new red blood cells. 

Sickle cell anemia : Unique Ways of Keeping yourself Hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated is the best medicine you can give to yourself as a person living with sickle cell disorder. It works wonders. It helps the body get enough oxygen to function. Apart from water, there are other unique ways of keeping your body hydrated. Some persons living with sickle cell disorder,  hydrate themselves with soda, sugar loaded juice and highly concentrated sugary drinks. The truth is that you are not hydrating yourself but you are dehydrating yourself and that is why you still suffer crisis fall sick often because the high sugar content in these drinks helps lower the immune system.  On this article follow me and let me show you how best to hydrate yourself.                    

Water: if you are having issues with sickle cell,  water is your life. Drink as much as you can. When you are eating, playing even at bedtime let water be your companion and you will be amazedd how healthy you will be. It helps widen the arteries to enable the blood to flow through with ease. It helps flush the arteries of all dead cells. As you know the sickled red blood cells don't live long unlike the normal red blood cells that live up to 120 days, as a result, there will be many dead cells loaded in the circulative system.  http://yourhealthandmy.blogspot.com.ng/2016/09/sickle-cell-anemia-and-yellow-eyes.html?m=1 With the intake of much water, there will be the free flow of oxygen in the body and helps the liver to fight jaundice also helps the bone marrow produce more red blood cells thus helping the body fight infections. 
Please if you must drink it must be clean water and it should not be cold or chill. Cold or chill water harden the arteries making it hard for the arteries to circulate blood to other parts of the body.  The best meter for you to measure if you have drunk enough is when you notice you now visit the restroom frequently.     
Tea: Apart from water, herbal teas can also help hydrate the body. Sometimes you get bored with water or you might not have the appetite for water. Then you can replace the water with tea. And not soft drinks like soda. Herbal tea is another unique way of hydrating yourself. Even as you replace water with tea, avoid the teas that have too much caffeine in them. That is why I will advise you take green tea, black tea, and lemon balm tea.  These herbal teas have little or no caffeine in them. And also avoid chocolate tea. They do more harm than good.

Apple Cider Vinegar Water: instead of you to pop up soda and other sugar-loaded drinks why not try apple cider vinegar water. The taste might not be as sweet as soda but it is good and can help hydrate your body. Especially when there is cold and flu. To prep your apple cider vinegar water, just add one teaspoon of apple cider to some water and you have your drink. 

Coconut water: this is my best bet and I love it more than any other drink.  Coconut water is one of the best ways to hydrate yourself if you are living with sickle cell disorder.  http://yourhealthandmy.blogspot.com.ng/2016/02/sickle-cell-coconut-water-best-drink.html?m=1 Coconut water is loaded with some minerals, essential vitamins like vitamin B and C and electrolytes this element is also found in blood it gives coconut water the ability to hydrate the body faster than any other drink. 
If you hydrate yourself well every day and take your minerals like vitamin b complex and folic acid and eat your fruits and vegetable always you will not have crisis.

Tips for Losing Weight After Pregnancy

losing weight after pregnancy is possible and easy if only you are determined and you are equipped with the right information. On this blog post, I will equip you with some information you need to shed that extra weight after pregnancy. When you are pregnant there are pounds that are recommended by your doctor. But some women end up adding up some extra pounds. If you fall into this categories, please fallow me on this article to help you lose that extra weight you got during pregnancy.

Here are some tips to help you lose weight after pregnancy.

1  Eat good food with nutrients.
To lose that extra weight after pregnancy, you need to eat right. 
I mean foods that have a lot of nutrients in them. If you can remember it was the desire to eat anything that comes your way while you were pregnant that brought the extra weight. So to lose the extra weight now you need to eat right.
Eat food that is rich in nutrients that your body needs but low in fats. Foods like fish that is rich in omega 3 but low in bad fats. Foods rich in calcium like milk and yogurt are also good for you. Other foods you need to eat right are lean meat, chicken, and beans which are a good source of protein. Foods rich in fiber is also good for you as a new mum that want to shed extra weight.   

2 Breastfeeding your baby is another tip for losing weight after pregnancy. 
Breastfeeding can help you lose some weight. It can help you return to your pre-pregnancy stage if you breastfeed exclusively. To archive, your desired goal of losing weight, do not hide under breastfeeding to eat more than you need. Just feed your baby with the breast milk and hydrate yourself always and let your body do the magic.

3 Drinking plenty of water can also help you lose weight after pregnancy 
 Your body needs water to perform the metabolizing that will help your body lose that extra weight. Water can also make you fill up and the desire to eat will reduce.   Don't replace water with those sugar-loaded juice.

4 Aerobic exercises is another way to lose weight after pregnancy. 
It is a fact that be discipline with your diet can help you lose weight after pregnancy. You need to also add to your plan to lose weight, exercises to help your body burn those extra fats and to also make you strong and healthy.
Exercises also help the new mum fight the stress that goes with having a new baby in the house. It also helps if she is having issues with sleeping and other negative emotional issues that go with being a new mum.  You don't need to pay any gym fee before you get your desired result. A walk with your baby in your hand for thirty minutes a day or just jogging for ten minutes a day is okay for you as a new mum.     

5 Get some good  sleep always 
There is a hormone called cortisol that the body releases if the body is tired due to lack of sleep, can cause your body to gain and retain the extra weight gained during pregnancy. 
Getting 7 or 8 hours a day sleep as a new mum is not possible because the baby will always need your attention. So the way out is to sleep when the baby is also sleeping. You can also get help from a relation or a nanny to help you take care of things in the house or even the baby as you sleep. If you find it impossible to lose that extra weight after pregnancy please see your doctor or healthcare provider for help.

How to prevent a sickle cell crisis

One health problem associated with sickle cell disorder is a crisis. The crisis is a  severe pain associated with sickle cell anemia. On this blog post, I will teach you how to prevent sickle cell crisis. But first, let me inform you with few things that you need to know about sickle cell.
Sickle cell is an inherited blood disorder that causes red blood to sickle. This can lead to in proper flow of blood in the circulative system. This can in-turn leading to lack of oxygen in the body.     
This health condition can cause some health issues in the body including crises. 
The first step to preventing sickle cell crisis is to take your vitamins and minerals as you were directed by your doctor or health caregiver. Taking vitamins and minerals like vitamin B complex, folic acid, and vitamin E,  help open up, thinner the blood cells and also help strengthen the blood vessels for easy passage of blood and oxygen to other parts of the body. Mineral-like zinc often help ease the pain from the crisis and also reduce the number of time the crisis will occur.  

Drinking liquids as directed by your doctor or health caregiver also help prevent sickle cell crisis. 
The risk of you having a crisis is high if you are dehydrated.  The kind of liquids you drink also mater if you want to stay hydrated. As for me, I will recommend water.  Http://yourhealthandmy.blogspot.com.ng/2016/02/sickle-and-water.html?m=1. I will also advise you drink plenty of liquid. taking 5 to 7 liters a day will not be too much. Drinking at night during bedtime is also advisable. 

Balancing rest and Play will help prevent sickle cell crisis.
Don't get yourself involved in strenuous activities that can curse injury and after exercising get a good rest. It will help the blood vessels relax for proper functions.  

Another way to prevent sickle cell crisis is to Stay out of the cold, avoid cold water and soft drinks and do not swim in cold water. Stay warm always. Quit smoking of cigarettes and alcohol.  And treat flu, fever, and malaria quickly to avoid sickle cell crisis. 

Health effect of Smoking during pregnancy

The health effects of smoking during pregnancy is risky and sometimes deadly. Smoking is dangerous to the health as it is always preached. But it is more dangerous when you smoke while you are pregnant.  This act of smoking while pregnant puts your life and that of your unborn baby at risk. The chemicals and the carbon monoxide in the cigarettes are responsible for the complications smokers may suffer during pregnancy. 
In this blog post, I want to inform you on the dangers of smoking during pregnancy. 

Effect of smoking while you are trying to get pregnant.
The problem of smoking and pregnancy starts even before you are pregnant. If you are a smoker, your chances of getting pregnant are very slim. 
So before the pregnancy, you should stop that habit of smoking before it stops you from getting pregnant.

It causes  stillbirth  and miscarriages
The chemicals in the cigarets are to be blamed for miscarriages which can occur in the first three or four months of pregnancy. And childbirth   Which can occur after 18 to 20 weeks of the pregnancy. To avoid all these complications in pregnancy,  stay away from smoking as you are about to get pregnant or if you are already pregnant.  

 Ectopic pregnancy can also come up if you smoke during pregnancy.
It has killed many pregnant women.  It is a life-threatening complication if not carefully handled medically. It occurs when a fertilized egg starts to develop outside the uterus. The main culprit is the nicotine in the cigarets hat you smoke. It curses contractions in the fallopian tube.

 Abruption of the placental 
This is when the placenta is removed from the uterus before childbirth. It is a life threatening complication both for the child and mother.
Studies show that 80 percent of placental abruption occurs in women that smoke and abuse drugs.

Abnormal growth of the  Placenta (placenta previa)
This complication in pregnancy occurs when the placenta grows abnormally towards the cervix. Because of lack of space, the placental can tear which may lead to bleeding. And smoking is a risk factor.

Preterm birth
Preterm birth is when a baby is born earlier. This might cause some health problems for the baby, like heart problems, hearing,  visual,  behavioral and mental problems and sometimes complications that can lead to death.
And the major cause of preterm birth is smoking. The risk of having a preterm birth is higher in women that smoke.  

Babies with Low birth weight
Smoking is the major cause of giving birth to babies with low birth weight. And this can have some health effect in the life of the baby. Health complication like disabilities.  
To give yourself and the baby you are carrying a healthy life,  please quit smoking.

8 reason why breast feeding is best for your baby

Breast milk is natural. There are no added ingredients. And unlike the other baby feeds in the market it causes no infection. I don't really know why some mothers find it difficult to give their babies breast milk. On this blog post, i will let you know what you and your baby stand to gain if you feed your baby with breast milk. Especially for the first six months.
Here are eight reasons why breast feeding is good for your baby. 

1. Breast feeding gives you a healthier baby.
There are so many childhood diseases. I mean diseases that affect infants like pneumonia, colds, diarrhea, malaria, and virus causing diseases. And some of them are life-threatening but with breastfeeding, your baby risk of getting these diseases is very low.
2. Breast feeding is a sure way for Long-term protection. 
When you Breastfeed your baby especially for the first six months of their early life, you are giving them protection against chronic and life-threatening diseases like type I diabetes, celiac disease cardiovascular and Crohn's disease.

3.Lower the risk of sudden infant death. 
Many babies die from what medical expert call sudden infant death. But with   Breastfeeding the risk of your baby dying from sudden infant death is very low. 

4.Breastfed babies have Stronger bones.
The amount of calcium in breast milk that the baby gets from the mother makes the baby's bones stronger than that of the baby that was fed with baby formula. According to experts, you as a breast feeding mother have a lower risk of postmenopausal osteoposis because while you are breast feeding your body takes in a lot of calcium. 

5. breastfed babies have a Lesser risk of having cancer.
Breastfeeding your baby for the first six months will help your baby stay clean of cancer. The risk of your baby having cancer now and in the future is very low compare to a baby that is fed with another baby formula. And you the mother also have a lower risk of premenopausal breast cancer. 

6. Best way to lose weight for both of you.
 Breast milk contains less fat compared to other baby formulas out there.  So the risk of your baby been obese is very low. And you the mother will also stay in shape while you breastfeed your baby.

7. Breastfeeding helps you heal better after delivery. 
breastfeeding helps you heal fast and better. It helps your uterus heals and contract well And also helps your uterus return to its normal size in fewer weeks compared to when you are not breast feeding that will take a longer time. Breast feeding reduces post-delivery blood lost.

8. Breast milk is custom-made. 
Breast milk is natural and has the ability to change its constitution to meets the baby's need. For example, the first milk " pre milk" have a lot of antibodies in it to help your baby fight diseases has the baby is just coming into this harsh world. It also contains more protein than the milk the breast will produce for the baby as the baby grows. Unlike other formulas in the market that is loaded with sugar and fat without antibodies.   

In conclusion, please go for breast milk for your babies for it is cheap and cleaner. It will never expire compare to other formulas in the market. And also let your man know that the breast milk is for the baby and not him. 

Health benefit of yogurt

Yogurt is a delicious drink and it is a very nutritious drink loaded with many vitamins and minerals. But I will recommend you go for the yogurt that has no sugar.  For me, i prefer it without sugar and blend with avocado pear. ( Another day I will teach you how prepared that )  And on this blog post, i am going to let you know the health benefits of yogurt and let you know what you have been missing.    

1. You want to lose weight naturally, Yogurt is the answer. If you cut down on your calorie intake and take yogurt always, you can lose up to 20 percent weight and even up to 70 percent belly fat within a month.
This is how it works. Fats in your body especially the fats around your waist helps the body to produce cortisol which also helps the body to produce more fats. When you take yogurt the calcium and the amino acid in it help the body to produce less cortisol thus less fat.

2 Another health benefit of yogurt is that it contains a lot of good bacteria. Bacterias that can help the digestive system function well. They help destroy microorganism that would have been harmful to the digestive system. 

3. Yogurt has a lot of vitamins in it. Vitamins like calcium, phosphorous, vitamin B complex especially b5 and b12, iodine, potassium, zinc and much more.
Taking yogurt always will help you fill that gap of lack of vitamins in the body. Expert says you can get over 70 percent of the vitamins an adults needs in yogurt.   

4. When it comes to fatigue, yogurt is the answer. It helps your body to recover fast when you overwork yourself. If the yogurt is well prepared with the right ratio of protein to carbohydrate, it really helps the body after a hard day work or exercise. 
The protein in yogurt supply the body with the amino acid the body needs to repair the damaged muscle while the carbohydrate replaces the stored energy that was used up when you were working or exercising.

5 yogurt contain potassium which helps flush sodium ( table salt) away from the body. Helping reduce the risk of hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases and even kidney failure.   

6 yogurt help the body fight tooth decay especially if you are like me that always go for no sugar yogurt or low sugar yogurt. The lactic acid in yogurt also helps protect the gum from gum and other dental diseases.
7 over consumption of yogurt can trigger a woman body system to produce multiple eggs and this can result in guving birth to twins because of the presence of some chemicals found in the livers of cows.

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