health benefit of cucumber

Cucumber is a fruit and not a vegetable. It is filled with many vitamins and other ensecial nutrients that the body needs for its day to day functions. The health benefit of cucumber are so many but on this blog post i will just talk about some of these health benefits.

Some health benefit of cucumber

1, cucumber help hydrate the body Cucumber is over 90 percent water so it can work excellent well in the body as water dose. If you are not the water drinking type, cucumber can serve. It works well for heartburn and body heat. Because of its much water content it helps the body remove toxins and from vita organs in the body like the kidney (dissolve   kidney stone easily) and the liver.

2, Another health benefit of cucumber is that this wonderful fruit contain some vitamins like vitamin A B C and other minerals like potassium, magnesium silicon and others that help the body boost immunity against diseases. And also boost your energy level. Because of its rich mineral content it supply the skin with skin friendly  minerals. If you are an addict eater of cucumber it can make your skin glow like mine ( i am telling you one of my secrets of my good looking skin). This is why this great fruit is always in use in spas.

3, Helps in weight loss. If you chose to lose weight naturally to avoid other health problems and complications, cucumber is the answer. when you eat cucumber, it makes you filled as if you have eating some thing. And with its rich fiber content it helps the body not to absorb fats from the meals we take in during digestion, especially if the meal is mixed with cucumber salad.  

4, Great  medication for the eyes. One great health benefit of cucumber is that it works on the eyes naturally. it helps fix the puffiness and helps reduce under eye bags. It also revives the aging eye cells making it possible for you to see clearly even till old age. If you are like me who want to see this beautiful world even when you are old, please be an addict cucumber eater.   

5, cucumber have the ability to fight cancer. Cucumber can help your body fight and cut down your risk of cancer by been an addict eater. Apart from its rich fiber content it also have other compounds in it like 

6 , it is the best food for diabetics. It has no sugar in  it at all. And cucumber contains some hormone that help keep the  pancreas in shape for proper function.

7, Another great  health benefit of cucumber, is that it contain some compound called sterols that help reduce cholesterol ( bad cholesterol) And also helps work on blood pressures 


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