8 reason why breast feeding is best for your baby

Breast milk is natural. There  is no added ingredients. And unlike the other baby feeds in the market it causes no infection. I don't really know why some mothers find it difficult to give their babies breast milk. On this blogpost i will let you know what you and your baby stand to gain if you feed your baby with breast milk. Especially for the first six months.
Here are eight reasons why breast feeding is good for your baby. 

1. Breast feeding gives you a healthier baby.
There are so many childhood diseases. I mean diseases that affect infants like pneumonia, colds, diarrhea, malaria and virus causing diseases. And some of them are life threaten but with breast feeding, your baby risk of getting these diseases is very low.
2. Breast feeding is a sure way for Long-term protection. 
When you Breastfeed your baby especially for the first six months of their early life, you are giving them protection against chronic and life threaten diseases like type I diabetes, celiac disease cardiovascular  and Crohn's disease.

3.Lower the risk of sudden infant death. 
Many babies die from what medical expert call sudden infant death. But with   Breastfeeding the risk of your baby dieing from sudden infant death is very low. 

4.Breastfed babies have Stronger bones.
The amount of calcium in breast milk that the baby gets from the mother makes the baby's bones stronger than that of the baby that was fed with baby formula. According to experts, you as a breast feeding mother have a lower risk  of postmenpausal osteoposis  because while you are breast feeding your body takes in a lot of calcium. 

5. breastfed babies have Lesser risk of having cancer.
Breastfeeding your baby for the first six months will help your baby stay clean of cancer. The risk of your baby having cancer now and in the future is very low compare to a baby that is fed with other baby formula. And you the mother also have a lower risk of premenopausal breast cancer. 

6. Best way to lose weight for both of you.
 Breast milk contain less fat compare to other baby formulas out there.  So the risk of your baby been obese is very low. And you the mother will also stay in shape while you breast feed your baby..

7. Breast feeding helps you heal better after delivery. 
breast feeding helps you heal fast and better. It helps your uterus heals and contract well And also helps your uterus return to its normal size in fewer weeks compare to when you are not breast feeding that will take a longer time. Breast feeding reduces post delivery blood lost.

8. Breast milk is  custom-made. 
Breast milk is natural and have the ability to change its constitution to meets the baby's need. For example the first milk " premilk" have a lot of antibodies in it to help your baby fight diseases has the baby is just coming into this harsh world. It also contain more protein than the milk the breast will produce for the baby as the baby grows. Unlike other formula in the market that is loaded with sugar and fat without antibodies.   

In conclusion, please go for breast milk for your babies for  it is cheap and cleaner. It will never expire compare to other formulas in the market. And also let your man know that the breast milk is for the baby and not him. 


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