Health benefits of eating vegetables and fruits.

Vegetables and fruits are very important for the body to perform its functions. The health benefits of vegetables and fruits cannot be overemphasized. Their benefits are so much. They help the body to fight against diseases and even recover quickly from any form of infection. They help provide the body with important nutrients that the body needs. There are different kinds of vegetables and fruits and they vary from country to country. Carrot, cucumber, watermelon, orange, mango, pineapple etc.
Some health benefits of eating vegetables and fruits 
  1. Vegetables and fruits help the body fight against obesity and its related health complications like heart diseases, diabetes, stroke etc. vegetables and fruits have very low cholesterol and calories in them and as such your body have no fat to accumulate when you eat them. They can also help the body to convert fats because of their high fiber content from other food with the help of the liver and pass it out of the body without it entering the body system.
  2. Vegetables and fruits are very rich in vital nutrients that the body needs. Nutrients like beta-carotene,  magnesium phosphorous,  zinc, potassium, phytochemicals, vitamins A, B, C, E, folic acid, and fiber.
  3. Vegetables and fruits are rich sources of fiber. And it helps the body fight and reduces the risk of being afflicted by certain kinds of cancer. And also help the stomach function properly and fight indigestion.
  4. Vegetables and fruits are a good source of folic acid. The health benefits of folic acid cannot be overemphasized. Especially for pregnant women and their unborn babies. It helps the baby develop well and advert other complications in pregnancy. Folic acid is also very effective in the treatment of some diseases like sickle cell anemia.
  5. Vegetables and fruits are a good source of the vitamin. A,  B, C, and E. These vitamins help the body and its vital organs to function properly. 
  6. Vegetables and fruits can help you stay healthy and live longer. Adding them to your diet will help your body fight against certain diseases like cancer, heart diseases obesity that would have cut the life of the individual short. When you consume vegetables and fruits, they help your cells to regenerate fast. Which means the dead cells are replaced quickly. And this will help the organs function properly. There will be no room for organ failure.