Tips for Losing Weight After Pregnancy

losing weight after pregnancy is possible and easy  if only you are determine and you are equip with the right information. On this blog post i will equip you with some information you need to shed that extra weight after pregnancy. When you are pregnant there are pounds that is recommend by your doctor. But some women end up adding up some extra pounds. If you fall into this categories, please fallow me on this article to help you lose that extra weight you got during pregnancy.

Here are some tips to help you lose weight after pregnancy.

1  Eat good food with nutrients.
To lose that extra weight after pregnancy, you need to eat right. 
I mean foods that have a lot of nutrients in them. If you can  remember it was the desire to eat anything that come your way while you were pregnant that brought the extra weight. So to lose the extra weight now you need to eat right.
Eat food that are rich in nutrients that your body needs but low in fats. Foods like fish that is rich in omega 3 but low in bad fats. Foods rich in calcium like milk and yogurt is also good for you. Other foods you need to eat right are lean meat, chicken and beans which are good source of protein. Foods rich in fiber is also good for you as a new mum that want to shed extra weight.   

2 Breastfeeding your baby is another tip for loosing weight after pregnancy. 
Breastfeeding can help you lose some weight. It can help you return to your pre- pregnancy stage if you breastfeed exclusively. To archive your desire goal of loosing weight, do not hide under breastfeeding to eat more than you need. Just feed your baby with the breast milk and hydrate yourself always and let your body do the magic.

3 Drinking plenty of water can also help you lose weight after pregnancy 
 Your body need water to perform the metabolizing that will help your body lose that extra weight. Water can also make you fill up and the desire to eat will reduce.   Don't replace water with those sugar loaded juice.

4 Aerobic exercises is another way to lose weight after pregnancy. 
It is a fact that be discipline with your diet can help you lose weight after pregnancy. You need to also add to your plan to lose weight, exercises to help your body burn those extra fats and to also make you strong and healthy.
Exercises also helps the new mum fight the stress that goes with having a new baby in the house. It also helps if she is having issues with sleeping and other negative emotional issues  that goes with been a new mum.  You don't need to pay any gym fee before you get your desire result. A walk with your baby in your hand for thirty minutes a day or just jogging for ten minutes a day is okay for you as a new mum.     

5 Get some good  sleep always 
There is a hormone called cortisol that the body releases if the body is tired due to lack of sleep can cause your body to gain and retain the extra weight gained during pregnancy. 
Getting 7 or 8 hours a day sleep as a new mum is not possible because the baby will always need your attention. So the way out is to sleep when the baby is also sleeping . You can also get help from a relation or a nanny to help you take care of things in the house or even the baby as you sleep. If you find it impossible to lose that extra weight after pregnancy please see your doctor or health care provider for help.

How to prevent a sickle cell crisis

One health problem associated with sickle cell disorder is crisis. Crisis is a  severe  pain associated with sickle cell anemia. On this blog post i will teach you how to prevent sickle cell crisis. But first let me inform  you with few things that you need to know about sickle cell.
Sickle cell is an inherited blood disorder that causes red blood to sickle. This can lead to in proper flow of blood in the circulative system. This can in-turn leaEditd to lack of oxygen in the body.     
This health condition can cause  some health issues in the body including crises. 
The first step to prevent sickle cell crisis, is to take your vitamins and minerals as you were directed by your doctor or health care giver. Taking vitamins and minerals like vitamin B complex, folic acid and vitamin E,  help open up, thinner the blood cells and also help strengthen the blood vessels  for easy passage of blood and oxygen to other parts of the body. Mineral like zinc often help easy the pain from the crisis and also reduce the number of time the crisis will occur.  

Drinking liquids as directed by your doctor or health care giver also help prevent sickle cell crisis. 
The risk of you having a crisis is high if you are dehydrated.  The kind of liquids you drink also mater if you want to stay hydrated. As for me I will recommend water.  Http:// I will also advice you drink plenty of liquid. taking 5 to 7 liters a day will not be too much. Drinking at night during bed time is also advisable. 

Balancing  rest and Play will help prevent sickle cell crisis.
Don't get yourself involve in strenuous activities that can curse injury and after exercising get a good rest. It will help the blood vessels relax for proper functions.  

Another way to prevent sickle cell crisis is to Stay out of the cold, avoid cold water and soft drinks and do not swim in cold water. Stay warm always. Quit smoking of cigarette and alcohol.  And treat flu, fever and malaria quickly to avoid sickle cell crisis. 

Health effect of Smoking during pregnancy

The health effect of smoking during pregnancy is risky and sometimes deadly. Smoking is dangerous to the health as it is always preached. But it is more dangerous when you smoke while you are pregnant.  This act of smoking while pregnant puts your life and that of your unborn baby at risk. The chemicals and the carbon monoxide in the cigarettes  are responsible for the complications smokers may suffer during pregnancy. 
In this blogpost i want to inform you on the dangers of smoking during pregnancy. 

Effect of smoking while you are trying to get pregnant.
The problem of smoking and pregnancy starts even before you are pregnant. If you are a smoker, your chances of getting pregnant is very slim. 
So before the pregnancy you should stop that habit of smoking before it stops you from getting pregnant.

It causes  stillbirth  and miscarriages
The chemicals in the cigarets are to be blamed for miscarriages which can occur in the first three or four months of pregnancy. And stilbirth   Which can occur after 18 to 20 weeks of the pregnancy. To avoid all these complications in pregnancy,  stay away from smoking as you are about to get pregnant or if you are already pregnant.  

 Ectopic pregnancy can also come up if you smoke during pregnancy.
It has killed many pregnant women.  It is a life threaten complication if not carefully handled medically. It occurs when a fertilized egg starts to develop outside  uterus. The main culprit is the nicotine in the  cigarets hat you smoke. It curses contractions in the fallopian tube.

 Abruption of the placental 
This is when the placental is removed  from the uterus before child birth. It is a life threaten complication both for the child and mother.
Studies show that 80 percent of placental abruption occur in women that smoke and abuse drugs.

Abnormal growth of the  Placenta (placenta previa)
This complication in pregnancy occurs when the placenta grows abnormally towards the cervix. Because of lack of space the plancetal can tear which may lead to bleeding. And smoking is a risk factor.

Preterm birth
Preterm birth is when a baby is born earlier. This might cause some health problems for the baby, like heart problems, hearing,  visual,  behavioral and mental problems and some times complications that can lead to dead.
And the major cause of preterm birth is smoking. The risk of having a preterm birth is higher in women that smoke.  

babies with Low birth weight
Smoking is the major cause of giving birth to babies with low birth weight. And this can have some health effect in the life of the baby. Health complication like disabilities.  
To give yourself and the baby you are carrying a healthy life,  please quit smoking.

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