Health benefits of avocado pear

Health benefits of avocado pear

Avocado pear is the real fruit for a healthy life and living a longer life. This wonder fruit that comes in different shapes and sizes. There are many health benefits of avocado pear. It can be eating raw, it can be slices into salad, you can even mashed before eating. However you chose to eat the avocado pear, it is delicious and satisfying. This wonderful fruit have more usefulness more than just been delicious and satisfying. In this blog post I will let you know about some health benefits of avocado pear. 
 here are some health benefits of eating avocado pear.

One of the health benefits of avocado pear is that it can lower cholesterol.  This wonder fruit is loaded with fats that is good for the body. Fats called monounsaturated fats or good fats. These fats help to remove the bad cholesterol from your system. This is possible because avocado pear contain a compound called beta-sitosterol which help the body to lower blood fats. The best way to lower you LDL (bad blood fat) and increase your HDL ( good blood fat is to make avocado pear part of your daily diet as i wrote in another blog post .   It is one of the best food for your heart.  
Research have show that eating avocado pear with your meals for two weeks, you will have up to 20 percent reduction in your LDL(bad fats) and over 10 percent increase in your HDL(good fats).

Another health benefits of Avocado pear is that it helps absorbs other food nutrients. There are some vitamins like A, K, E and D are fat soluble and because of the rich fat content of avocado pear, it easily absorb these other nutrients.  As you grow older, the  ability of your body system to absorbs even up to 40 percent of the nutrients in your meals is not possible. Adding this wonder fruit to your meals will make your body get all the nutrients in those  meals.

Avocado pear is rich in fiber and also  has ant-inflammatory and antioxidant characteristics, gives this wonder fruit the ability to prevent and even reviser certain cancer , like cancer of the mouth,  prostrate and even cancer of the skin. studies have shows that it is the pphytochemicals compound in avocado pear that helps it perform these functions. It also have the ability to arrest the growth of cancer cells. 
Even when you are treating cancer with chemotherapy you still need avocado pear because of its rich antioxidant compounds. 

I use to work under the sun for long hours on a daily bases and after sometimes i discover that i was not seeing properly. After using some eye drops for sometimes without improvement i turn to avocado pear and i got my eyes back. Do you know that avocado pear contain over 80 micrograms of lutein and zeaxanthin and these phytonutrients help your eyes stay healthy. they are antioxidant that help your eyes fight against eye diseases like cataracts and also protect the eyes from damage from the sun.
Add this wonder fruit avocado pear to your diet and you will be surprise how it will benefit your eyes' health.   

The polyunsaturated fats (good fats) in avocados pear help lower blood cholesterol levels and also reduce the risk of other heart diseases  because of the presence of vitamin B6  and folic acid that help to maintain the homocysteine level in the blood that is responsible for most cardiovascular diseases.    
Simple solution to remove skin tags

Simple solution to remove skin tags

Skin tags are harmless and are not painful and they can spring up on any part of the skin. Because skin tags have no medical problems or linked to any complications, many persons don’t see any reason to see the doctor for solutions. But they are very annoying and as I always say if you want your skin to glow like my, you need to seek solutions. In this blog post I will share some simple solution to remove skin tags from your skin.
Apple cider vinegar: Apple cider vinegar can help remove skin tags from your skin. To get the desire result, you need to rub the apple cider vinegar against the skin tags three to four times a day. If you repeat this for nine to ten days or more, the skin tags will fade away and pill off. Because of the acidity of apple cider vinegar you need to mix it water to dilute it before use.

Scalping the skin tag; You can remove the skin tags on your skin with scalpel but don’t do this by yourself. You need your doctor to do this for you by numbing the affected area with anesthesia and cutting it at the base of the skin tags. This process is harmless and no known complications and it can be used to treat several skin tags.
Cauterizing the skin tags:  Cauterizing is burning of the skin tag with electrocautery. This can only be done by skilled medical personal. It is the surest way to remove skin tag because the possibility of it reappearing is very low.
You can tie the skin tags off; if you tie the skin tag with a very tread that is thin or with a dental floss, the tag will dry up and die off since it has been disconnected from the main skin. It cannot live on its own. You are going to be patience for this might take up to weeks before it start drying up and finally falls off your skin

Tea Tree Oil can also remove skin tags; Tea tree oil is very effective in removing skin tags. The process of using tea tree oil to remove skin tags is painless. This oil is effective because it contains some compounds that are antibacterial and anti-fungal. Before you rub that tea tree oil on your skin to remove the skin tag make sure you dailuite it with water to avoid skin irritation. Apply this oil to the skin tag three times a day and in few days it will dry up and fall off from your skin.

Lemon Juice can also remove skin tag; Lemon juice was the natural medicine I use to remove the skin tag that appear on my skin few months back. And it was very effective. The skin tag fell off after few days of applying it on the spot the skin tag was three to four times a day. What make lemon juice powerful is that it contains some antiseptic and citric acid. And it curses no harm to the skin and body.



To live a healthy life you need water. To really get the health benefit of water, you need to drink up to 9 to 10 glasses of water every day. Here in this blog post I will be writing about some health benefits of water. And I will start by telling you that water will be more beneficial to your health if you start your daily life routine by drinking water.

Some health benefits of water:

1. Water help lymph system:
Your lymph system is part of your circulatory system and without water it will not function well and also this lymph system help regulate the immune system, You need to drink  lot of water on a daily bases to help the lymph system perform its functions of taking water through the whole body, balance the fluid in the body and fight infection.

2. It help your body metabolism: Drinking water in the morning at least one glass of water Help regulate the metabolism of the body, thus help the body with weight loss and also help clean the artries and other organs in the body.

3. Water best food for the skin:  If you want your skin to glow like mine or even more than mine, the scret is water.  Dink lot of water in the morning when you just wake up, at breakfast, at lunch, dinner and I also recommend you wake up and drink at the middle of your sleep.  Water helps remove toxins and death skin cell from the body leaving your skin glowing.

4. Water helps clean the Colon: There are many terminal diseases link to unclean and low performing colon. To me it is one organ that is very important to the body. It perform so many functions like   The water you drink in the morning when you just wake up and the one you drink when you wake up at the middle of your sleep, helps clean and purifies the colon. If the colon is clean it performs its functions of absorbing nutrients very well.

5. Water helps in the production of new blood cells: As I wrote in my other blog post       drinking lot of water is very beneficial to the body especially if you have issues with blood cell production like sickle cell aminea. It even helps in muscle cell production. I have helped so many persons with sickle cell disorder through my blog post and meeting them one on one and I have always recommended to them drinking of water. And the result I got has been great.
6. Water helps regulate the acidity of the stomach: The best way to treat diseases that are high acidity related like indigestion, heart burn and even stomach ulcer is to drink lot of water especially at night and during meals. I also want to say here that the best way to get the result you desire is to drink your water after eating your meal and not when you are eating. Like me whenever I eat I drink up to 3 glasses of water. I have also notice it helps digest my food fast.
Complications linked to diabetes that is not controlled

Complications linked to diabetes that is not controlled

I have discuss here possible complications that are link to diabetes.  These complications can happen to you if you don’t control your diabetes. Diabetes type 2 usually lasts a lifetime, and but it can be controlled with exercise, weight control and even diet and there are reports that after some months of proper management, the diabetes symptoms have reduce.
1         Watch your Foot – Ulcers of the foot are serious complications due to diabetes these are complications that can happen to you if you do not control your diabetes. It is serious because your foot may have to be amputated for it to be treated well.
2         Your Eyes can also be affected- Diabetic retinopathy and even cataracts are some eyes complications that are linked with diabetes. This happens when pressure builds up in the eyes due to the effect of diabetes. They can be treated with drugs and sometimes with surgery.
3         Skin issues – Persons living with diabetes are more likely going to get skin infections or skin disorders compare with persons living without diabetes. Please avoid bleaching of your skin if you are diabetic and control your diabetes by taking your medications, weight control and taking the right diet.
4         Hypertension and Heart problems –These complications are common with people living with diabetes. And this can also lead to other health complications like kidney disease, stroke and even heart attack. This can happen when there is shortage of blood to the heart and other important organs in the body due to the effect of diabetes.
5         Mental health issues – If you don’t control your diabetes, you are at risk of having mental health issues. Health problems like anxiety and depression can be linked to uncontrolled diabetes.  
6         Gastroparesis – I fear this disease. It is when the muscles of the stomach stop functioning properly. And it is charaterise with bleeding in the stomach,
         indigestion and even stomach ulcer.
7   Ketoacidosis – Acidity in the blood is a health complication that can be linked to diabetes. It is when you have accumulation of ketosis and acidosis in the body due to the effect of uncontrolled diabetes.
8         Neuropathy – Nerve damage can happen to you if you don’t control your diabetes. Ataxia, Bell's palsy, Brachial neuritis, Distal muscular dystrophy and so many other neuro diseases are link to uncontrolled diabetes.
9     Hyperosmolar Hyperglycemic Nonketotic Syndrome - This is a serious complication. It is when the blood sugar levels goes up and it will be difficult to bring it down.
10     Stroke –People with uncontrolled diabetes have a high risk of having a stroke because if your hypertension  due to high cholesterol levels and high blood sugar levels are not controlled you might have stroke.
11    Erectile dysfunction –Men with diabetes that is not controlled are associated with male impotence. It is very common with men and it can be treated by controlling you diabetes and seeing your health care provider for proper investigation and treatment.
12     Healing of wounds –Persons with uncontrolled diabetes have cuts that take more time to heal. Unlike people without diabetes. This due to high level of blood sugar.
Sickle cell anemia and yellow eyes

Sickle cell anemia and yellow eyes

Look at your eyes using a mirror you will see that the white part of your eye called sclera is yellow. Sickle cell anemia and Yellow eyes go together.  It is a  common symptoms with people living with  sickle cell anemia.  jaundice is the main culprit. Its major symptoms is the coloring of the skin and the eyes and it can also be called icterus.  When you have this yellow colored eyes as a sickle cell patient you should know you are very closed to a sickle cell criss.  Now that we know what causes your eyes to turn yellow as a sickle cell anemia patient, lets move away from there and discus the possible solutions.  
To get the solution you must know what happens to your body that turn your eyes, skin and even fluid in the body yellowish  
The problem with sickle cell patients is the red blood cells. The red blood  cells of a sickle cell patients don't live   Long like the other persons. They die often and are broken down by the body as waste to be sent  out of the body as fluid or excreta. In the process of breaking  it down for excretion it is converted to bilirubin for easy excretion by the liver by converting it into bile.
The average sickle cell don't live long they live less than 12 days so you will have more red blood cell been broken down and been excreted by the body. This will make the body to be overloaded with bilirubin and thus giving the liver much work to do. 
To clean your eyes of those yellowish rubbish as a sickle cell patient and make your as white as sown, you need to drink a lot of water just as i wrote in my other blog post To hydrate your body and this will help break down the bilirubin and also help the kidney to get rid of other waste in the body system thus living the liver to concentrate on removing the bilirubin from the body. 
To get that white eyes you desire even when you are living with sickle cell anemia, you must help your liver stay healthy by eating the right foods, vegetables and fruits and also staying away from foods and substance that can harm the liver. I mean things like alcohol, the more alcohol your liver break down and remove from the body system, the more weaken it becomes. So as a person living with sickle cell disorder you must stay away from alcohol. 
Medications, some medications are very harmful to the liver even some vitamins supplement like vitamin A And D. To avoid damage to your liver you should always take the recommend dose.     
You should not consumed too much protein and fatty foods. They can be harmful to your liver and makes your liver not to function well 
Some of us take herbs without consulting our health care provider. This is not advisable because some  
Herbs contain chemicals in them that can cause damages to your liver.
In conclusion take care of your liver because this the organ that can help your system stay clean.  Drink plenty  of water even when you wake up at night and pamper your liver with good food. 

The Health Effects of Overweight and Obesity

Overweight and obesity  are similar and can be defined as excessive fat that have accumulated in the body abnormally for a long time. And to tell you the truth it is very dangerous to the health. To measure obesity, you have to divide the persons body mass index (BMI), by the square of his or her height (in metres). If your BMI is 30 or more, you then considered to be obese. While a person that have a BMI that is more than 25 is considered to be overweight.
It seems some persons like to be obese or Overweight because they are not ready to do anything about it. The truth is obesity is a major risk factors for a number diseases like stroke, hypertension and even some form of cancer. In this blog post i will be writing on some of this diseases,.
diseases that are related to obesity

Type 2 Diabetes

Apart from family history and other causes, obesity is another major cause of diabetes. It  is a disease in which blood sugar levels are higher above normal. This disease is related to heart disease, like hypertension, kidney disease, stroke and even blindness. Diabetes is a major or leading cause of death in the world. Other causes of type 2 diabetes are lack of activities, poor feeding and excess body weight around the waist.

High Blood Pressure

High Blood pressure is the force at which blood pushes against the walls of the arteries while the heart pumps blood. And obesity and over weight play a major role in the fats build up. If The measurement reads 120 systolic and 80 diastolic, depending on the body weight of the person you would say 120/80 mmHg. And this is normal but if it is higher than this it is called hypertension or high blood pressure. If this pressure rises and it is not control and it stays high for a period of time, it can cause ill health and even damage some vita organs in the body.


The risk of you having a stroke is very high if your BMI also increases. As fat build up in your body, it also build up in your arteries and this is called plaque. These plaque can rupture anytime and this can curse a blood clot to form. And if this clot forms close to your brain, blocking the flow of oxygen and blood to the brain then you will have a stroke  Being overweight or obese can lead to a buildup of plaque in your arteries. 

Abnormal Blood Fats

Obesity and over weight are the major causes of blood fats. You are at risk of having abnormal high levels of blood fats if you do not watch and control your weight. These fats include high levels of bad cholesterol also called triglycerides and low levels of HDL also called good cholesterol.
Abnormal levels of these blood fats especially the bad cholesterol are a risk factor for heart diseases. 

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a disorder in which you have pauses in breathing it can also been called  shallow breaths while you sleep.
It happens when you have more fat stored around the neck region. Obesity and over weight can also cause this disease. The store fats around your neck  can narrow the airway, making it difficult for you to breathe while you sleep.

The solution is in change of lifestyle. Watch what you eat and get more active to burn those unwanted calories.

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