Foods that increase your chances of getting pregnant with twins

Giving birth to twins comes naturally even as studies have it that the chances of a woman giving birth to a twin stand at 5% five percentage. But There are some foods that you can take that will increase your chances of giving birth to twins. Giving birth to a twin comes with a great feeling of joy. Especially if you have been hoping to have a child or a twin. There are many reasons why couples will desire to have a twin. These reasons range from having a large family to have close siblings to grow up and play with. Before you start with these foods, you need to see your fertility specialist for medical advice
Foods that can increase your chances of having twins

1 Dairy foods: studies have it that women that eat a lot of dairy foods like milk, cheese, yogurt, butter etc before getting pregnant have more chances at list 10 times than women that eat less or nondairy food.   There is a chemical found in the livers of cow called 
insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF) that help trigger the production of multiple eggs in the body of a woman.

2 Folic Acid: Eating foods that contain folic acid or taking the supplements can help a woman get pregnant with twins. Consuming 400 to 800 micrograms per day will help you archive your goal of getting pregnant with twins. 
Foods you can eat that contains folic acids are broccoli, egg yolk,
liver,  tomatoes etc.

3 wild yams: These wild yams are mostly found in the western part of Nigeria. It is a diet eating with vegetable soups. Eating these wild yams can help a woman get pregnant with twins. This is made possible because of the presence of some nutrients that can trigger the ovaries of a woman to produce many eggs while ovulating.

4 Meat: consuming more 
Cow meat especially the liver can help you get pregnant with twins. Please don't over consume red meat because it is high in cholesterol. The timeframe you are to increase your meat intake is that time you are to get pregnant. Immediately you take in, or you are pregnant, your meat consumption should reduce to the amount you were consuming before.

5 fruits and vegetables: Another type of food that helps a woman get pregnant with twins are fruits and vegetables. The role of fruits and vegetables to well being of a human is very important especially in the reproductive system of a man or woman. There are some nutrients in these fruits and vegetables that can prepare the body for pregnancy and can also help the body get pregnant with twins. 

Also, work on your lifestyles by reducing your intake of alcohol and smoking. Adding some weight is also very important to your getting pregnant with twins.