Natural Ways to Lower Stress

It is true that ninety-five percent of diseases are cursed by Stress and stress is an everyday routine expectation for any man or woman if you do not take charge of your lifestyle. Meaning, you are exposed to stress every day and this can affect your health. However, there are natural ways to lower stress and these natural ways work better than other stress management strategies.
Here are natural ways to lower stress.
1 Meditate
Meditation is called mindfulness and it is one effective way to lower stress. Even when you have a hectic day, meditation done for at list 20-30 minutes a day can help lower your stress.
Meditation is very easy to do and it can be done anywhere; simply clear your mind, create some silent time for yourself and allow those your thoughts to run freely. The main aim here is to refocus attention while clearing your mind of any unwanted thoughts that have filled your mind.
Mediation sessions require you to work on your breathing because deep breathing that can calm your mind, lower blood pressure and regulate the heart rate.
2. Exercise
Exercise like yoga, tai chi or even aerobics can help lower stress naturally. The gentler forms of exercise, help in clearing out the mind, and while you go through the whole day without stress. The more vigorous forms of exercise will help you remove your mind from the issues of the day while you focus on your body movement and how you are going to achieve your aim for the game. I am talking about exercises like football, basketball, swimming or even a tennis game. Exercise helps lower stress by increasing your endorphins level, and also your mood.
3. Baths
Soaking yourself in warm water after a stressful day helps the body for proper blood circulation and release of muscle pains and tension. For the body to achieve this is very easy, you know when you bath with warm or hot water your body temperature and heart rate will increase and for it to come back to normal, the body perspires and this helps the body remove toxins. And the blood vessels will open up and this will improve blood circulation, and in the process remove stress causing acid from muscle.
5. Massage
Massage help blood to circulate properly in the body especially the head. Massage is a very powerful way to lower stress what it does to the body is that it helps to open up blocked channels, remove muscular tension and also calm your mind.
I will recommend reflexology or foot massaging and Swedish massage where long, gentle strokes are used to massage the body.