home remedies for a stomach ulcer

A stomach ulcer can also be called a gastric ulcer, this is a sore that occurs in the lining of the stomach. It can also develop in any other or upper part of the intestine. Stomach ulcers are cursed by harmful effects of acids in the stomach and this too much acid in the stomach is a curse by a bacteria called H. pylori.
It is known that about four hundred million people alive have stomach ulcers and two in every 20 people suffers from stomach ulcer during their lifetime. Sometimes ulcers can recur and more than once in a lifetime, you need and sometimes it can come along with serious complications like bleeding, But before it gets to that stage that you now have to call your healthcare provider, there are trusted and tested home remedies that can help you treat that stomach ulcer 

Some home remedies 

I never believe this until I tried it myself it works like magic Cabbage is a powerful remedy for stomach ulcer. it contains a lot of lactic acids and some amount of vitamin c, cabbage produces amino acids that help blood flow to the stomach lining. When there is much blood flow to the stomach, the lining of the stomach is strengthened and the ulcer is healed.
To treat stomach ulcer, bananas are very effective. You can use ripe or unripe bananas to treat an ulcer. Bananas are very common and some of us never knew it can be used to treat an ulcer. Bananas contain antibacterial compounds can limit the growth of H. pylori the bacterial that curses stomach ulcer.
Bananas also help in wiping out acid from the stomach lining thus living the lining strengthens. And it also contains some compounds that help reduce inflammation in the stomach lining. Eating up to four ripe bananas a day will help to treat it. I like it dry just dry up the bananas and eat like that or mix it with honey and take the mixture always.

3 wonderful kola
This wonderful herbal fruit is found in Nigeria. it can be used in the treatment of many other health issues. it will benefit you if you are managing ulcer and you eat it always. wonderful kola help increase the platelet count and nitric oxide levels in the body. which is very beneficial to the healing process of stomach ulcer. Because of its anti-bacteria functions it help the body fight against the bacteria that causes ulcer.