To live a healthy life you need water. To really get the health benefit of water, you need to drink up to 9 to 10 glasses of water every day. Here in this blog post I will be writing about some health benefits of water. And I will start by telling you that water will be more beneficial to your health if you start your daily life routine by drinking water.

Some health benefits of water:

1. Water help lymph system:
Your lymph system is part of your circulatory system and without water it will not function well and also this lymph system help regulate the immune system, You need to drink  lot of water on a daily bases to help the lymph system perform its functions of taking water through the whole body, balance the fluid in the body and fight infection.

2. It help your body metabolism: Drinking water in the morning at least one glass of water Help regulate the metabolism of the body, thus help the body with weight loss and also help clean the artries and other organs in the body.

3. Water best food for the skin:  If you want your skin to glow like mine or even more than mine, the scret is water.  Dink lot of water in the morning when you just wake up, at breakfast, at lunch, dinner and I also recommend you wake up and drink at the middle of your sleep.  Water helps remove toxins and death skin cell from the body leaving your skin glowing.

4. Water helps clean the Colon: There are many terminal diseases link to unclean and low performing colon. To me it is one organ that is very important to the body. It perform so many functions like   The water you drink in the morning when you just wake up and the one you drink when you wake up at the middle of your sleep, helps clean and purifies the colon. If the colon is clean it performs its functions of absorbing nutrients very well.

5. Water helps in the production of new blood cells: As I wrote in my other blog post       drinking lot of water is very beneficial to the body especially if you have issues with blood cell production like sickle cell aminea. It even helps in muscle cell production. I have helped so many persons with sickle cell disorder through my blog post and meeting them one on one and I have always recommended to them drinking of water. And the result I got has been great.
6. Water helps regulate the acidity of the stomach: The best way to treat diseases that are high acidity related like indigestion, heart burn and even stomach ulcer is to drink lot of water especially at night and during meals. I also want to say here that the best way to get the result you desire is to drink your water after eating your meal and not when you are eating. Like me whenever I eat I drink up to 3 glasses of water. I have also notice it helps digest my food fast.


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