sickle cell, coconut water best drink for hydration

some persons living with red blood cell disorder i mean sickle cell haven't any concept that “Coconut Water” will instantly hydrate you more than water will do even when you have reach the peak of dehydration. that is why i will always recommend coconut water for hydration for it is the best drink for hydration. 
the best way Coconut Water can help the body.
It is  a natural drink no added sugar, it has the same level of electrolytic as we have in our blood. 
It is the fluid of life, it transport oxygen in the blood vesles as fast as blood itself.
it is more nutritious than whole milk, more natural and healthy than orange juice. Drink as much you can take for it has no fat or cholesterol.
it is low in calories. It is naturally sterile.
It is rich in  lauric acid, which is present in human mother’s milk.

i use coconut water to fight fatigue and it has really help me. Try some cups and you will see what i am talking about. It is better than energy drinks and it is natural and the best drink for hydration.
when you are down with sickle cell pains take some cups  of coconut water and you will see it perform wonders in your body. Work faster than water to soot your pains. 
coconut water is the best drink for hydration and not your sugar filled soft drink because it start the hydration from the  brain and muscles. in fact it is the food for the brain and muscle. coconut water helps a lot in nervous system functioning and even transmission. 
Dehydration destroy cells and organs in the body. when you take some cups daily for hydration it also help repair the damage cells and organs, it is good for the  Heart and kidney health. it work against hypertension and strokes and even kidney stones.