Natural ways to Whiten Your Teeth

There are natural ways to whiten your teeth even if it is as dark as charcoal or it has lost its natural look. your teeth are the first thing people want to see when they meet with you. so getting your teeth to look good always is not bad business.  here are four trusted ways you can whiten your teeth.
1 The best natural way to whiten your teeth is to always brush your teeth after eating or drinking something, most food does not stain teeth but foods and drinks like tea and coffee can stain your teeth badly and even smoking, if you are into taking any or all of these things you should brush your teeth whenever you drink or eat foods that stains. 
2. Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide is another natural way to whiten your teeth. This works like magic. just mix a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide with a small amount of baking soda add the normal toothpaste you use in brushing your teeth to form a paste. Brush your teeth as usual also brush your inner and back teeth to get the result. 
3. using coconut oil is another natural way to whiten your teeth. yes, it is true coconut oil can whiten your teeth to be as white as snow Just put a spoonful of coconut oil in your mouth and brush your teeth with it for 5 to 20 minutes or add the coconut oil to a corner of a clean washcloth and rub it on.  coconut oil also works well with your gum.
4. apple cider vinegar can help you remove those stubborn stains from your teeth. It has been proven that it does work as a natural teeth whitener especially if you are into tea, coffee and other foods that stain teeth. to get the real result from using apple cider vinegar you must be consistent and you should have used it for some few weeks. you will need to brush again with regular toothpaste after using apple cider vinegar because of his acidic nature.