Home remedies that can get rid of hiccups

There are remedies that can get rid of hiccups. Before we talk about these remedies lets talk about hiccups. 
What are hiccups
Hiccups occur when the diaphragm muscle contract briefly and involuntarily. Inappropriate Eating manner like lying down immediately after eating, eating too fast and eating too much food and not drinking enough fluid after eating are the major causes of hiccups. Smoking, consuming too much alcohol and some diseases like stroke, cancer of the brain, heartburn, and coughing are also associated with hiccups. 
Hiccups are not really a problem when it occurs for some few minutes or hours. It becomes a problem when it persists for more than a day or two days.  If it is causing you some discomfort like vomiting and. Fever, you should please see a doctor or your healthcare provider for treatment. But if the hiccup is not too severe, there are home remedies that can help you.
There are some problems associated with hiccups. Problems like sleeping and speech interference, inability to eat well, vomiting, pains in the chest and abdomen. 
Some home remedies that can get rid of hiccups.
1 The best home remedy to get rid of hiccups is to quickly drink a glass of cold water. For this remedy to be effective, you must drink the glass of cold water with a rush.
When you drink it in a rush, it will stop the irritation and the hiccups will stop.
2 smelling salt, this can stop the hiccups by Sniffing the smelling salt
3 pulling hard on your tongue 
4 Hold your breath and sallow your next hiccups. Do this for a while and the hiccups will disappear.

If the hiccups persist please see your health care provider.


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