Home Remedies for Breast Cancer

There are home remedies for breast cancer. Home remedies like the type of food we eat, foods like garlic, vitamin D, calcium, green tea, soybeans, grapes, broccoli., our lifestyle and the amount of information we have about breast cancer. Before we talk about these home remedies, let me share with you some information on breast cancer, the possible causes, type of breast cancer and even the symptoms. Breast cancer is the malignant growth of tissues and cells of the breast. There are different risk factors or causes of breast cancer. Breast cancer can because by old age, giving birth to the first child at old age, over-consumption of beverages and alcohol, radiation therapy of the breast and other unknown risk factors.
The type of breast cancer can be divided into three. The lobular breast cancer is when cancer starts in the lobe while the ductal type of breast of cancer that begins in the ducts. And the inflammatory breast cancer is a rare but aggressive type of breast cancer that begins when malignant cells block the lymph vessels in the skin of the breast. Breast cancer can be easily treated if the symptoms are discovered early. Some of these symptoms include swelling of the part of the affected breast, lump in the underarm close to the breast, increase heat coming out of the breast, painful nipples, the effect breast nipples turning inward and some form of discharge from the affected breast.
Some of these home remedies recommended on this blog page are not curative but they can help boost the immune system while the body will cause the body to kill the cancerous cells and tissues.
Garlic: This wonderful vegetable is a great antibiotic because of its antibiotic properties. Consuming garlic in raw or powdered form can also help the body fight and keep those cancerous cells and tissues in check because it contains some compounds called alkyl sulfur. These compounds help the body fight cancer by causing the malignant tissues and cell to die naturally. To get the best out of garlic for the treatment of breast cancer it should not be eating cooked. Because cooking it can destroy some of the important element in it that help it fight breast cancer.
Grapes: This orange-like fruit is a good source of a compound called proanthocyanidins. This compound called proanthocyanidins has the power to reduce the amount of estrogen production by the body. Consuming grapes every day can help some drugs used in the treatment of breast cancer to be effective.
Green tea: This natural tea has anti-inflammatory properties. Consuming it every day will help your body to fight against the formation of breast cancer or any other cancer.
Soybean: if you are like me who don’t like the taste and smell of soybean, you better change your thinking because this wonderful grain is among the best food that can really have an effect and stop the growth of those cancerous cells and also stop them from using estrogen. Soybean can archive this because of the presence of phytoestrogen in it. What really makes this food worth consuming is it contains isoflavones. This compound has the ability to prevent breast cancer at an early stage.
Exercise: expert says that exercising one or two hours a day can help reduce the risk of breast cancer or any form of cancer.