Four things you can do to make your breast firm and not sag.

Without a firm breast, the woman's beauty is not complete. Apart from helping her to look attractive, the breast also helps the woman to have self-esteem. That is why some women will do anything to make their breast stand firm. Ranging from wearing different kind and size of bra,  excierses, diet, drugs and even surgery. In this blog post, I will let you access to some information that will make your breast stand firm and not sag. Just simple tips and you will be amazed the good result you will get.

1 How you handle your breast during and after breastfeeding. One great way to make your breast stand firm and not sag is to take care of your breast during and after breastfeeding. When breastfeeding your baby, it is advisable you drink a lot of water (more than you were taking before) and switch to a more balanced diet. Be mindful of what you eat during this period. 
And change the size of your bra to suit the change in the size of the breast during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The breast is expected to be bigger during this time due to hormonal changes in the body.  The breast needs to be supported with a firm bra to avoid the breast from dropping during and after this period. Using the right size of bra during this period of pregnancy and breast feeding will help the breast return to its normal size without it flopping.
It is advisable for women especially fat women or women with bigger breast to wear the right size of bra to avoid sagging. Wearing the bra that will allowed the breast to move free will make the breast sag. Because experts say the skin holding the breast will lose its firmness and even the collagen.

2 Those on crash diet. 
When watching your weight as a woman who do not want her breast to sag, should mind the kind of crash diet she takes. If you are loosing weight and you want your breast to be firm and not sag, you should go for a balance diet to lose the extra weight. ( diet of mostly fruits and vegetables). Experts says anytime a woman looses or gain extra weight the breast must slack. That is why you need to take tissues building diet, for the tissues to replace the burnt fats. 

3 smoking is harmful to the breast  
Smoking will make your breast sag.  As a woman who want her breast to stand firm and not sag, you must stop smoking. Two ways smoking can make the breast sag. First it weakens the blood vessels that supply blood to the breast. And secondly it weakens the Ligaments that holds the breast to the body.  Smoking is not only harmful to the breast but to other vita organs in the body. So my advise is that if you want your breast to stand firm and hence your beauty you must stop smoking and meet with your health care giver to help you reveres the damage smoking have done to your breast and the whole body.

4 The type of exercise you do. 
exercise is good for the whole body, and people have been advise for health reason to exercise always. For your breast to stand firm there are some exercises that can help you, push-ups, weight lifting,  lifting dumbbells and others. But there are also some exercises that can make your breast sag like running. But if you chose running as your kind of exercises you must always use the right size of bra that will hold your breast firm to your chest.  So that when running the breast will not be moving.
In conclusion you must take care of your breast to stop it from sagging. Don't believe that saying that breast sagging is part of aging process and that nothing can be done about it.  With this blog post i believe you now know what to do to help your breast stand firm and not  sag.



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