Cocoa and your health

Cocoa is the major ingredient in chocolate production. The taste is awesome and it is consumed by many both young and old. To some persons that is all they know about cocoa. It is one of the best fruits made for man to live long and  live a healthy life. Cocoa has many health benefits and in this blog post i will be writing about cocoa and your health i mean all you health stand to benefit from consuming raw cocoa powder.   

Some health benefits of raw cocoa powder.

1, cocoa serves  as Antioxidants to the body. This great food has more than 50 mg flavonoids per gram. In it. Higher than flavonoids found in other foods like red wine or tea. This kind of flavonoid act as powerful antioxidant to the body because of its rich  polyphenol content. It helps the body to produce more nitric oxide that helps the entire circulative system to relax and function properly.  Thus helping the blood vessels carry oxygen to all the vita organs in the body.

2 In addition to the  above health benefit cocoa can also lower bad cholesterol LDL thus help reduce the risk of stroke, heart failure, heart attack, blood clots, blood sugar and lower blood pressure.

3 It has Antidepressant compounds that can help the body. 
According to expert cocoa can help the body fight depression because of its rich phenethylamine content. cocoa also has enough endorphins in it. These are compounds found in the brain that help the body or elevate the body out of depression. Taking a cup of warm raw cocoa on a daily bases will provide the body with enough of these compounds to the body to fight depression.

 4 cocoa is also rich in some  vitamins. vitamins like calcium and potassium which are very important to the body for its day to day functions.