Simple solution to remove skin tags

Skin tags are harmless and are not painful and they can spring upon any part of the skin. Because skin tags have no medical problems or linked to any complications, many persons don’t see any reason to see the doctor for solutions. But they are very annoying and as I always say if you want your skin to glow like me, you need to seek solutions. In this blog post, I will share some simple solution to remove skin tags from your skin.
Apple cider vinegar: Apple cider vinegar can help remove skin tags from your skin. To get the desired result, you need to rub the apple cider vinegar against the skin tags three to four times a day. If you repeat this for nine to ten days or more, the skin tags will fade away and pull off. Because of the acidity of apple cider vinegar, you need to mix in water to dilute it before use.

Scalping the skin tag; You can remove the skin tags on your skin with a scalpel but don’t do this by yourself. You need your doctor to do this for you by numbing the affected area with anesthesia and cutting it at the base of the skin tags. This process is harmless and no known complications and it can be used to treat several skin tags.
Cauterizing the skin tags:  Cauterizing is burning of the skin tag with electrocautery. This can only be done by skilled medical personnel. It is the surest way to remove skin tag because the possibility of it reappearing is very low.
You can tie the skin tags off; if you tie the skin tag with a very thread that is thin or with a dental floss, the tag will dry up and die off since it has been disconnected from the main skin. It cannot live on its own. You are going to be patient for this might take up to weeks before it starts drying up and finally falls off your skin

Tea Tree Oil can also remove skin tags; Tea tree oil is very effective in removing skin tags. The process of using tea tree oil to remove skin tags is painless. This oil is effective because it contains some compounds that are antibacterial and anti-fungal. Before you rub that tea tree oil on your skin to remove the skin tag make sure you dilute it with water to avoid skin irritation. Apply this oil to the skin tag three times a day and in few days it will dry up and fall off from your skin.

Lemon Juice can also remove skin tag; Lemon juice was the natural medicine I use to remove the skin tag that appears on my skin a few months back. And it was very effective. The skin tag fell off after few days of applying it on the spot the skin tag was three to four times a day. What makes lemon juice powerful is that it contains some antiseptic and citric acid. And it curses no harm to the skin and body.


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