Reasons some women do not enjoy sex

It is a fact that Some women do not enjoy sex. It’s an issue in relationships but some men do not see it that way and it is some how complicated because the reasons vary from one woman to another. It can be physical , psychological issue, or both. it is very important to discus this issue and that is why i am writing this article to safe many marriages and relationships that is at the edge of breaking up. 
These are the five reasons why most women do not enjoy sex.
The first one is called Low libido, or Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD). Acupuncture is very effect in treating low libido in women. After 7 weeks of yoga it was reported  that some women with low libido improved and also change your diet to what we called Mediterranean Diet . Off-label testosterone is also good for the treatment of low libido but you need to see your health care provider before use.
 Painful sex. This can include pain during sex due to menopausal vulvo-vaginal atrophy and other factors. To get cure for this you need to see your care giver. And over the counter Zestra can help. It is a lubricating oil that can help you reach orgasm with easy as a woman.
Difficulty being aroused. Sexual Arousal Disorder in women can originate in the genital area or the problem can be at the brain level like stress. and other mental problems.
Aversion to sex. This is not easy to handle because it has to do with sexual abuse like rape. You need to see an expert to help you please never see it as a normal thing. Vaginal estrogen can help but please see your health care provider before use.



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