Causes and treatment for weak erection

Weak erection occurs during sexual intercourse because the two small arteries that do receive the flow of blood from the heart and the aorta are not in good working condition or they do not have a enough force to send blood to the penis through these small arteries.
Weak erection is the inability to get or keep an erection during sexual intercourse. For you to enjoy sex these sensitive parts of the body must be in good condition to keep erection. So many relationships are heading for the rock because of this simple problem that can be taken care of with easy. Please follow this article and read with care and that weak erection will be a thing of the past in your life.
And please even as you read this article before you start seeking solution, start with your health care provider see them to guild you.
Causes of Weak Erection
If there is not enough of blood flow to the penis vein,  that can cause weak erection during sexual intercourse. Although, there are other many causes of weak erection such as having diabetes, for a long period of time can damaged the nerve system, Cardiovascular disorder, Prostate cancer operations and other operations close to the male reproductive organ, use of hard drugs for a long time, Multiple sclerosis, hardening of the arteries,
Hormonal disorders, Too much use of Alcohol And aging.
Others are depression, stress and anxiety.
Use of stimulants during sexual intercourse always, can also cause weak erection during love-making.
The good news is once the cause is found, weak erection becomes easy to treat and as you can see there are many causes, just get to know the cause and you apply the solution and you will get the right the result. The treatment for weak erection have to do mostly with Lifestyle Changes, drinking less alcohol, getting plenty of rest, eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly are some of the changes you will need to change to get your erection back. And if after changing of life style for a while and the weak erection is still there then you need to see your health care provider
Weak erection is mostly cause by lack of blood flow. Circulatory health becomes key in treating it. Some common ways to improve blood flow in the body is through exercising and Some cardio-based exercises like running, biking and swimming can help. Changing of your diet can also help in treating weak erection. Eat food rich in omega 3 acid and other foods like  Turmericginger, cinnamon, bitter cola, cayenne peppers, and even vitamin E can tinning your blood so that blood can flow easily to your penis. Other foods that can help with weak erection  are  Banana,  Hot Peppers,  Watermelon,  and Red Wine
Herbs and supplement like butea superba,   safed musl, mast mood oil, masculine herbal formula these are natural herbs and nutrient that have no side effect they help blood flow and repair damage nerves cause by prolong and untreated diabetics. And you have to use these herbs for a while before you can get result.
I also want to recommend coco powder it works wonders. take it raw, drink it every day for six weeks and that hard erection will come up. 
In conclusion, a quick fix to weak erection is not the best it will not give you permanent result. Get to know the causes and fix the causes and you will have that hard erection that last.



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