natural ways to cure quick ejaculation

there are natural ways to cure quick ejaculation though it is a serious problem among men even those in their thirties and twenties you don’t usually hear men talk about it throughout conversations with friends, don’t be mistaken it has destroyed many relationships. do not live with it follow this natural tips and enjoy your sex live.
1 use of condoms; It sounds too straightforward to be true, however it works for lots of men. this is one of the natural ways to cure quick ejaculation. Condoms scale back stimulation for many men, that ought to prolong the time before ejaculation.
use condoms that permits a lot of stimulation. these kind of condoms i am talking about have a slight numbing gel on the inside which will help you prolong ejaculation and without it affecting your mate. while using, do not turn the condom inside out so that you will wear the inside that have the numbing gel to your side.
Apply strategic pressure. With a bit anatomy informationyou'll be able to delay on coming ejaculation by applying pressure to at least one of 2 spots.
Perineum pressure: Pressing on the region, a spot midway between your pouch and your assholecan facilitate to prevent ejaculation as a result of this spot reaches through to the endocrineit's the prostate that contracts and expands throughout consummation and so expels the ejaculation fluid.
Testes tug: once a person nears consummation his pouch rises up nearer to his body. you'll be able to delay ejaculation by gently pull your testes down and faraway from your body. Your partner can even do that for you. the strategic pressure is a natural way to cure quick ejaculation and it works well if you mate is willing to help.
change your thinking before sex. avoid over excitement by flipping your thoughts to one thing distant, abstract and sexlesslike mathematics, or football. solely linger over it long enough to offer yourself a brief break from arousal, perhaps five to ten seconds, then refocus your attention on your partner. Avoid thinking of a subject that's about to cause you to stressed or cause you to lose your arousal entirely.
Change positions. this  the best natural ways to cure quick ejaculation. Some intercourse positions place less pressure on the complex body part or the foremost sensitive  part of the penis. Here's what to do:
Try "passive" positions. Lie at a lower place your feminine partner, or attempt a side-by-side (or spooning) position.
Avoid "active" positions. Missionary and rear-entry positions place the foremost stimulation and friction on the complex body part,

bitter coal can also do the magic
Experts in human gender warn that once men develop hardening of the artery as a results of wrong diets, it affects their sexual performance, as blood circulation to very important organs of the body, as well as their male organare going to be greatly affected.

However, researchers say, by taking bitter kola supplement, impotence and quick ejaculation will be reversed as it will increase blood  to all the vita organ of the body including the male organ.

for me Bitter kola is the favorite sexual performance drugs for men. i have tried it and it works like magic Indeed, few natural product will match the sexual advantages of bitter kola. another good thing about bitter cola as a natural cure for quick ejaculation is that it is natural. meaning it has no side effect.



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