treatment for Vaginal Odor

treatment for vaginal odor is simple and it can be treated. before treating you should know the cause of the problem. There are different causes of vaginal odor. yeast infections can be the curse or sexually transmitted diseases, poor hygiene or growth. Vaginal odor comes with symptoms like redness, discharge and itching around the vaginal area.
method 1, Drink liquid chlorophyllChlorophyll is a natural internal deodorizer and it can be gotten from green plants, fruits, vegetables and it can also be found in drug stores or some good herb stores online.
method 2, Wear cotton underwearcheck the kind of under wear you always put on. avoid  material that will block air flow to your vaginal area. cotton garments will give the region more ventilation and that will make your vaginal free from bacteria , this method can help in the treatment of vaginal odor even before it starts.
method 3, Avoid foods that contain a lot of sugar and
yeast. bread, beer and mushrooms contain yeast so avoid them, and as you know the sugar in other foods turns into yeast. This can increase the amount of yeast in your vagina, when the yeast in your vaginal is much it can cause a yeast infection.
method 4, Eat yogurt. Yogurt contains live cultures that introduces probiotics (or good bacteria) into your body. These methods can treat mild cases of yeast infection that is just starting. the treatment of vaginal odor is simple as i said earlier but if the  odor is still there please see your doctor.


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